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Today we are going to talk about the Fake watches .Fake Watches Anti-counterfeiting has been the focus of Alibaba, but Mr. Ma's speech today at the annual meeting of investors in Hangzhou is astonishing. June 14, Ma Yun attended the Hangzhou investor conference. "The quality of counterfeit goods produced in China is better than the genuine ones," he said at the meeting.

But Ma Yun also stressed that Alibaba is committed to cracking down on fakes, and many fakes are "facing challenges" better than real goods. Mr. Ma said in a Tuesday Ali investor meeting that global brands have long relied on China and other low-cost production bases to boost profitability. Replica Cartier Watches However, over the years, these generation factories have become increasingly astute, now using the Ali platform and other Internet channels directly for consumers to sell their own products.

However, he stressed that Ali in the fight against fake sales is the world's best. "The problem is that the quality of fakes is better than genuine, real brands, and the prices are cheaper." "It's not a fake that destroys them, it's a new business model," Mr Ma said in Hangzhou. Same factories, same raw materials, but they don't use their own brands. Consider this,Replica Cartier Watchespe can find aposition in the competive market.To be honest,Replica Cartier Calibre De Cartier as a high qualitied imitation fake cartier watches ,can take it's own davantages to run more far.People have given the Replika Watches a great push in a way.As Best Cartier Replicas,it wouldn't be treated coldly.

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